Robert J. Samuelson

The Newsweek contributing editor and Washington Post columnist is one of the country's most widely read journalists.

An economics specialist, Mr. Samuelson writes a biweekly column, which is syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group for The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe and other papers.

His columns reflect a conservative bent and draw not only the attention of his peers--he is cited frequently by other journalists--but also from readers, resulting in letters to the editor nearly every week.

Mr. Samuelson has won three Gerald Loeb awards for his columns, two while at Newsweek (1986, 1994) and a third while a contributing editor for the National Journal (1983).

Mr. Samuelson graduated from Harvard University in 1967 with a bachelor of arts degree in government. He has worked at the Washington Post since 1977 (he had a previous stint there from 1969-73) and at Newsweek since 1984.

In 1996, his book "The Good Life and its Discontents: The American Dream in the Age of Entitlement 1945-1995" was published, the premise of which is that the 50-year period mentioned in the title has been hugely successful for America.

In a 1996 American Journalism Review article, Mr. Samuelson spoke of the challenges in covering economics. He said: "Journalism copes awkwardly with the ambiguities of many economic stories. We're most comfortable with scandals, trials, politics, sports and wars. The conflicts are obvious, moral judgments can often be made, and stories have clean endings.

"The economy defies such simple theater."

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