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Uncovering You
by The Grok

How come folks do business with you? Because you're a family owned and operated company? Because you've been slogging along for 126 years? Because you have sterling customer service? Great prices and cool sales assistants? You may have all these things going for you, but it's probably not why your customers come to you. And it's not the stuff that's really going to persuade potential customers to do business with you.

There's something special about your business, and it isn't even completely defined by your Unique Value Proposition. You know what's special about you - trust me. It's just that you don't know you know it, or you don't think it's important enough. So it isn't something you communicate to your potential customers.

That's where the process of Uncovery rushes in to save the day.

No doubt you recall MAP, our methodology that guides you through developing the persuasive architecture of your Web site? Uncovery is the first phase in the process:

"Skillful uncovery is the first necessary step toward designing and . . .


Who is the Grok?

The Grok is an extraordinary online publication that gives you expert advice on web marketing and analytics. Through their book "Persuasive Online Copywriting" you can learn from the best. NewsBios is very proud to be a chapter in their book. These talented brothers, Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg, have teamed together their skills and knowledge to provide you with comprehensive advice and consultancy to develop your website into a marketing vehicle. Their company, Future Now, Inc. has been helping clients apply the best practices in conversion rate marketing to their online businesses, since 1998. Future Now's methodology incorporates structured creativity and embraces the fundamental principles of marketing, sales, and communications psychology. The services provided to their clients may involve rewriting copy at key prospect interaction points on their web site and in their email campaigns. It may involve design changes to landing pages or improving the usability of your site. Developing the solutions you need short term, long term and within your resources. The bottom line is always working together to increase your conversion rate.
The Grok can deepen you knowledge about conversion rates.

Journalist Spotlight

Financial Times

Mr. Michaels began his journalism career, in his home of London, at the Financial Times in 1993. He completed his studies at Oxford University received his degrees in politics, philosophy and economics.

In 1999, Mr. Michaels moved to the United States to continue penning for the Financial Times. His writing is centered upon financial regulation, the SEC, accountancy and corporate governance. He and colleague, Peter Speigel, from the Washington DC bureau, have recently received the British Press Award for, as "Business and Finance Reporters of The Year," for their coverage of the US accounting scandals (Enron).

Mr. Michaels states, "We won the award for our coverage of the downfall of Andersen, which was particularly pleasing because we regularly scooped all the U.S. media - we did the same at a crucial moment in the Martha Stewart tribulations this year. It was a great and first win for the FT in the U.S., particularly given our relatively new, small size and mighty competition here relative to our age and dominance in the UK and Continental Europe."

In addition to his prolific writing, Mr. Michaels makes regular appearances on CNNfn programming.

Congratulations to Mr. Michaels and Mr. Speigel for their tremendous accomplishment.

See Adrian Michaels Journalist Spotlight.

Financial Times

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